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Post by Danika on Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:41 am

This is a 2 player Roleplay, intended for myself and Tratos. If you wish to participate, post in the original topic or PM me, and we could probably come to arrangement.

6950, February 5th - Dear Diary.
50 years have passed since Kor had it's atmosphere removed by Rok, the rival planet.
Since then, cities have been trapped under clear domes where oxygen is always being pumped through certain boxes. Scientists who have been trying to create an artificial atmosphere have constantly gone missing, though no trace can be found as to where they may have gone too.

6950, March 16th - People began to lose faith, they forsook their gods, belittled the government and openly attack the police.

6950, November 19th - The Great Oppression took place, people were forced into their homes, and those that retaliated were shot on sight. Over 2 million people died on the first day.

6952, January 1st - The Great Oppression ended.

6952, April 2nd - The Emperor was murdered.
6952, April 3rd - A new Emperor was conveniently placed on the throne.
6952, April 5th - A ban of science took place, and public outrage ensued.
6952, April 17th - Billions of people were killed because the Emperor demanded a genocide.

6952, May 2nd - The Emperor left to discuss a peace treaty with Rok.
6952, May 10th - He was confirmed dead
6952, May 28th - A new Emperor was elected.
6952, May 29th - The ban on science was lifted, people began to regain hope.

6952, August 13th - Rok attacked.
6952, August 18th - This is my final diary entry, as the forces of Rok are at my door. I know who will find this diary of mine, I saw it in my sleep, the gods, they spoke to me. They exist. They will save us. Lead us to salvation, those chosen by the gods, and save this rotting planet and crush the forces of Rok!

Do not be too OP.
Max of 4 characters, 1 Cie'O per person.
You may have 1 antagonist, they do not count toward the 4 person total, and they must be hostile to the protagonist OCs.
Do not metagame. (Metagaming is knowing things your OC shouldn't know. I'll be lenient on this, but please give reasons as to why they know stuff they shouldn't.)
Do not Powerplay. (Powerplaying is taking control of someone else's character without permission so that you do things without them having a chance to react.)
Do not Godmode. (Invulnerability and such.)
Be reasonable, your character cannot have items that do not exist within the lore of the Roleplay, consult me if you are unsure on something.)
Do not kill other OCs.
Do not dismember other OCs.
You need to select a god when creating an OC (Gods with an X are taken and cannot be used), which include;
- Ignis (The fire god)
- Aqua (The water goddess)
- Ventus (The wind god)
- Terra (The earth god)
- Glaciem (The ice goddess)
- Fulmen (The lightning god)
- Bestia (The beast (animals and such) goddess)
- Humanitas (The human god)
- Spiritus (The spirit god)
- Tenebris (The dark god)
- Lux (The light god)
- Vitium (The vice goddess)
- Virtus (The virtue goddess) (Can only be an avatar, not a child.)
- Fortissimi (The valor god)
- Musica (The music goddess)
- Sain (The goddes of sound)
- Accuratio (The precision god)
- Nuntius (The messenger god)
- Sanitas (The health god)
- Mortem (The god of death) X~ Tratos
- Vita (The life goddess)
- Furtum (The stealth god)
- Venenum (The poison goddes)
- Cognitio (The knowledge god)
- Dues (The time god) X ~Danika
- Veritatem (The truth goddess.)
- Mendacium (The goddess of lies.)
- Chaus (The god of Chaos) X ~Danika
- Ordo (The god of Order)
- Rex Prae/Deorum (The king of gods) ~ Cannot be used.
(More might be added)

Major Cities have an almost indestructible dome on top of them, to keep the city safe and oxygen inside. All domes are clear.
Major Cities:
Fironian (Capital)
Cities, Towns, and Large Villages/Settlements have a dome of crystal keeping the oxygen in. These include:
Small Village/Settlements, Outposts, and Military Bases just have an ethereal dome generator keeping the oxygen in. Too many to be named.

There are 5 major rivers in Kor, all of which are poisonous to non-locals, and are differently coloured. The River of Souls (Purple), Life Stream (Orange), Great Divider (Green), River of Death (Cyan), and the River of Time (White).

A demigod is stronger around these rives depending on their parents. The River of Souls makes children of Bestia, Humanitis, and Spiritus stronger. The Life Stream makes children of Vita, Sanitas, and Lux stronger. The Great Divider makes children of Ignis, Aqua, Glaciem, Terra, Ventus, Fulmen, Vitium, Virtus, Musica, Sain, Veritatem, and Mendacium stronger. The River of Death makes children of Mortem, Tenebris, Venenum, and Furtum stronger. The River of Time makes the children of Dues, and Cognito stronger.

All Cie'O are stronger at the River of Souls, the River of Time, and the Life Stream, but are weaker at the Great Divider, and the River of Death.

There is an organization of magic users throughout Kor, all of which are ex-military experiments. They are called the Cie'O

Cie'O have the ability to control Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Air, Lightning, and Non-Elemental Magic. They can only specialise in one elements, while having minor control over the others.

All elements are in order from weakest to strongest, and Single Target, Small AoE, and Large AoE. The exception is Buster Ruin, which is 2 Ruins for the price of one.
Healing is for Cie'O who have no connection to death, i.e haven't killed someone before attaining the power, not related to someone with connections to the Dark or Death God. Healing is always AoE, except for Life, which is a single target ability.
Fire: Fire, Fira, Firaga.
Water: Water, Watara, Wataga
Ice: Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga
Earth: Earth, Earthra, Earthga
Air: Aero, Aerora, Aeroga
Lightning: Thunder, Thundera, Thundaga.
Non-Elemental, Type 1: Deprotect, Deprotectga.
Non-Elemental, Type 2: Ruin, Buster Ruin, Ruinga.
Healing: Cure, Cura, Curaga, Life (Once a Week).

There can only be 4 Cie'O as of this moment, who are:

Dune Beetle (Extremely large beetles capable of mass destruction. Lots of defense and health, extremely powerful physical attacks, vulnerable to Fire and Non-Elemental Magic.)
Giros (Flying humanoid creatures that have no arms. Attacks with legs, casts Ice magic.)
Agera (Humanoid creature made of rock, resembles a small mountain with arms and legs. Capable of hard physical attacks, and earth magic.)
Elementals (Floating masks that embody their element, uses their element as magic.)
Atronach (A creature that embodies a single elements, a stronger version of the Elementals. Resemble a humanoid creature. Current Atronachs Discovered: Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, and Earth.)
Hunter (A human skilled in hunting down Demigods. Resistant to most demigod attacks, weak to Non-Elemental Magic.)

Character Card.
God of Choice:
Cie'O?: Yes/No
Magic(If any):
Godly Powers:
Cie'O Powers:

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World of Ruin (2 Player Ver.) Empty Re: World of Ruin (2 Player Ver.)

Post by Danika on Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:43 am

Name: Katarina
Age: 18
Gender: Female
God of Choice: Dues
World of Ruin (2 Player Ver.) Anime-10
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 128lbs
Scythe of Time:
World of Ruin (2 Player Ver.) Smite_10
Cie'O?: Yes
Magic(If any):
Godly Powers: Time Sight (Ability to peer into the past, or slightly into the future). Slow (Slows time in a small area for enemies), Haste (Speeds time in a small area for allies), Stop (Freezes an enemy), Quicken (Allows an ally to move super fast for 2 seconds), Time Warp (Warps time in a small area, damaging anything within it's AoE), Timely Death (Once a month power, speeds someone's time to the point where they become a skeleton, effects living creatures only), Time Reversal (Reverses actions or time in a small to huge area. Can only be used every 3 months.)
Cie'O Powers: Firaga (Large explosion of fire), Fire (Small projectile of fire), Fira (Small explosion of fire), Aero (Projectile of air), Watara (Small explosion of water).
Misc: Weak to Physical Attacks. Slow Casting Rate. Strong Magical Power.
Name: Lumina
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
God of Choice: Chaus
Height: -
Weight: -
Weapon(s): -
Cie'O?: No
Magic(If any): Unknown
Godly Powers: Chaotic Summoning (Lumina can summon a creature of Chaos wherever she wants. 1 hour cooldown). One With Chaos (Lumina gains increased damage output and resistance when in a cluster of Chaos. She also gains the ability to teleport when she is inside of a Chaos cluster). Gift of Chaos (Lumina, once a week, can force a cluster of Chaos. The cluster is a large semisphere of chaotic energies that hinder those that are not part of it. Order is especially effected here. Deadly creatures also appear time to time in this cluster, attacking everyone but Lumina).
Cie'O Powers: -
Misc: Can be considered an Antagonist, though she doesn't seem to actively help in the damnation of the world. Moreso, she appears to either hinder the protagonists, or help them in a way that seems like hindering.

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